Nutrition Workbench Lite

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*NOTE -Nutrition Workbench Lite only allows use of one tool at this time- the Quick calculator, under Assessment Calculators. Other features are not available due to the ease by which data sets can be exported from the app. We are currently working on a NEW Lite version that will allow timed use of the app. Follow us on Facebook for updates on all our products. In the meantime, we will continue working on bugs and a more "open" Lite version for users.

The current version allows access to the quick calculator which allows users to view and save a list of protein needs by disease state for OVER 100 conditions (just select the flashing i button for the data set).

Lite allows nutrition students, RDs and those interested in nutrition, to quickly calculate estimated energy and protein needs.

Users can also VIEW all the tools/topics available in the Pro version.